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Pretoria Philatelic Society

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The Pretoria Philatelic Society meets at 19:30 on the first Monday of the month at St Alban's College.

PPS caters for "Home Society" members and "non Home Society" members. All members are sent a newsletter every month.

The Society runs a exchange packet circuit, members can provide stamp booklets and purchase from the booklets at their leisure.

Meetings are informal and refreshments are provided - all are welcome.

For more information click below for a detailed program of events, last 2 or 3 Newsletter and a more detailed outline of the society.

Postal address:

PO Box 36473
Menlo Park

Street address:

St Alban's College
110 Clearwater Road
Lynnwood Glen
25.77385S 28.28452E

Committee members:

NamePositionEmailContact numberFax number
Alex Visser  President  012 803 1881   
James Trew  Committee Member       
John du Plooy  Treasurer       
Steve Marsh  Vice President    012 660 2824   
Cedric Roche  Librarian       
Terry Lynne Harris  Correspondent     
Mike Dove  Committee Member       
Rob Weide  Committee Member       

Calendar events:

Meeting  2013-12-02  St Albans College 

End of year function. Theme Letter is 'W'. The meeting will be in Murray House again. Murray House overlooks the all weather Hockey Field.  

Meeting  2014-01-06  St Albans College 

Member?s pages. Theme Letter is 'J'. 

Meeting  2014-02-03  St Albans College 

Member?s choice. Theme letter is 'E'.  

Meeting  2014-03-03  St Albans College 

Annual General Meeting. Theme letter is 'K'. 


August 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-08_for_printing1.pdf [ Download ]
May 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-05_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
March 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-03_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
PPS Outline  PPS_brief_outline.pdf [ Download ]
Application Form  application_form_alt_version.doc [ Download ]
Application Form (Exchange Service Only)  application_form_exchange_2008.doc [ Download ]
August 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-08_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
October 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-10_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
November 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-11_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
February 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-02_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
July 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-07_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
Graphite Lines  graphite_lines.pdf [ Download ]
January 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-01_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
April 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-04_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
June 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-06_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]
September 2013 Newsletter  PPS_newsletter_2013-09_for_printing.pdf [ Download ]